5 Powerful tips to regain control of your life

5 Powerful tips to regain control of your life

5 powerful tips to regain control of your life. There are at times in your life when you feel that nothing is in our control. In our day to day life, you face many problems and overcome it. But there is a certain phase in our life when feels hopeless and seems everything dark to us. You want to find a way but not able to find it. The solution may be right in front of you but not able to see it. You feel this is the end of everything and think life is unfair and cruel to me. Things get worse and everything seems out of control.

Here is good news that life can be control and reclaim again. Controlling life is also an art and it is in your hand. If you choose to learn and follow a few tips that will help to regain control over life again.

Let’s learn and follow 5 powerful tips to regain control of your life

1.      Make a healthy daily routine

The person you want to become is the person you want to be in every day of your life. The daily healthy routine helps towards achieving goal who you want to become. You have to ask yourself “am I willing to spend little time daily to change my habits and live a better life?” Because the day you determine and follow you have started putting the first step towards regaining control of your life. It’s like a small number of deposits everyday will turns a large some one day. Most people save little amount every month for their retirement or the future of their children and years after they reap the result of saving. Daily routine turns into a habit and later when you turn back into your life you will not regret.

2.      Change your negative perspective into positive

Life has many ups and down. Sometimes it’s a happy moment and sometimes sorrow but turn your sorrow into happy. What I mean to say is people always bend more towards negative things. Don’t let the negative things affect your life. Always keep in mind that negativity always brings harm to life. Train your mind see always beauty in everything. It’s our perspective that matters a lot.  Take positive affirmation in life say it loud that “I have the strength to deal with whatever happens to me”. When you think your surrounding is beautiful, you will see the world is beautiful.

3.      Exercise Acceptance

It happens many times that your plan has made you upset, simply accept it. Acceptance doesn’t mean liking, wanting, choosing, or supporting. It means to give yourself permission to be as you are, feel what you feel or have experienced what you have experienced without creating fruitless shame or anxiety. Acceptance is an active process and it must be exercised. It is a key to change temporary happiness to continuing happiness and helps you to move from feeling happy to actually being happy. Exercising acceptance prepares you to live in a changing world, where you’ve no idea about next happenings. Therefore, now it’s the peak time to exercise acceptance and regain control of your life.

4.      Develop your priorities right

Focus more on the activities that you really enjoy most rather on the ones that need urgent attention. Don’t spend your days doing unnecessary things which could be left for tomorrow. Make a list of things in order that you need to achieve. In this way, you will be able to prioritize properly, given ample amount of time to each one and it will make your days more satisfying. Make an action plan and take action in small steps.

Kincaid says, “Remember that we can’t do everything, all of the time, but we can take committed action in small steps and build on them from there,”

Develop your priorities right and take actions in small.

5.       Be a Decision Maker

Above all, if you want to regain control of your life, you need to be able to make a decision and stick with it. Some of your decision may be unimportance and some have great significance, but all need to be tackled with.  Maybe you are not good at decision making but know that everyone is not perfect in that, so stop seeking perfection. Don’t wait until everything to be perfect rather take action for the same. If you continue to put it into a habit, gradually you will feel amazed about yourself and gain full control over your life.

Life may be unfair and earthshaking event may continue to happen in your life; you have no control over that. But we have the ability to control our lives. While at a moment it seems like hopeless, impossible, and unbeatable situation, don’t lose hope you know that you have the ability to do it and you can do it.


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