What is Catastrophizing? | 5 Ways to stop Catastrophizing



What is catastrophizing?


Catastrophizing is irrational thinking, and several people believe that one thing very is worse than that. Catastrophizing is a strategy for feeling that is called ‘intellectual bending.

An individual who for the most part goes amiss observes the unfavorable outcomes of an occasion and afterward chooses that if this outcome is occurring, at that point the result will be a catastrophe.

Catastrophe typically will take two different forms: to exclude a catastrophe from the present state, and picture the catastrophe out of a future state of affairs.

The first of those could be a catastrophe. As an example, if you’re a salesman and haven’t sold in it slowly, then you’ll believe that you are utterly and utterly unsuccessful and you’ll lose your job.

 This could solely be a short-lived state of affairs, and there are things that you will do to alter this case. Another example is that if you create a tiny low mistake in your job, then you’ll withdraw. This sort of catastrophe takes a current state of affairs, and it returns the negative turn.

The second form of catastrophe is closely associated with it; however, it’s additional mentally destined towards the longer term.

This type of catastrophe happens once we check out the long term and guess all those things that are going wrong. Then we tend to create a reality around those concepts. As a result of we tend to believe that one something is wrong, we tend to build it wrong.

Being a victim of devastation is like assaultive you before it involves your mind. In these two varieties of mortal lives, you limit your opportunities, work, relationships and far additional. It will affect our overall read of life and predicts fulfillment predicting failure, disappointment and reducing.

Both varieties will lead you to associate irrational, negative belief concerning matters and sorrow for the sensation of despair concerning your prospects.

Excluding this, these two types of harmful can both outline the presence or absence of other possibilities and presumably stop you from moving forward towards your goals in life.


What causes catastrophizing?


Individuals who have different conditions, for example, suffering from depression and anxiety, individuals who are frequently weary may likewise be bound to catastrophize.


Fear, particularly unreasonable fear, has a significant impact on catastrophizing. On the off chance that an individual is terrified of setting off to the doctor, they could begin to consider all the awful things a doctor could let them know.


It is difficult to tell the exact reason for Catastrophizing. It may be because of the unfavorable condition which affects the person or had a previous bad experience.


How catastrophizing affect You?


Catastrophizing affects you both emotionally and physically.

Emotionally in the sense when a person has a cognitive disorder, he/she tend to have negative thinking. This negative thinking leads to mood swing disorder, and that affects a lot emotionally. You are always thinking negatively hurt emotion and rise to negative feelings.

Catastrophizing directly affects the physical health of the individuals. In this phase a person health decline due to severe pain. The more a person in this stage the more feels the pain that affects the health severely.


Catastrophizing in relationships


A relationship is a significant in-person life. A good relationship with others keeps individuals happy in moments. But a person with catastrophizing always have negative thoughts, and it affects a good relationship.

A person may not express their feeling due to the fear of the loss or break up in a relationship. Thinking their response will have a negative impact.

You try to interpret things in your ways thinking that is only right. Maybe what you are trying to explain, is not the intent of the person to say that. You can decrease the chance of misconception by clarifying the doubts with the person and save the relationship.


How to stop catastrophizing


The negative thoughts will be coming but how to prevent and overcome this. There are five ways to fight against Catastrophizing.

  1. Participate More in Physical Activities

Physical activities are significant in a person’s life. You may be thinking of what kind of physical activities required for this. It may vary and depends upon your interest.

You may like to go for a walk, gardening, running, cycling, engage in household activities, etc.  The physical activities help to reduce the stress level at the moment. The more you involve in the physical activities, the more you benefited out of it.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Many diseases attack the body due to sleeplessness. So sleeping enough is a significant part of our life. Due to not having sufficient sleep, body and brain exhausted and impair nervous system leads to emotional discrimination. Hence, have enough sleep.

  1. Stop overstressing yourself

Very commonly person with catastrophe thinking assumes and put everyone in the same categories. For example, if the life of an individual goes bad then, whole life will be going like that.

If a person assumes about a particular individual that he has done wrong and thinks all may have fallen in the same categories.

A person is overstressing on the negative thinking impact more. So stop overstressing yourself.


  1. Think Positively

You need to be in positivity always. Know that Catastrophizing is negative thoughts which keep on coming to your mind. Life is a journey where ups and downs will come.

When an adverse situation comes it doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything and life will always be like that. After sunset, the sun rises every morning.

Think in that way be optimistic always. You will be happier when you accept your surrounding positively.


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  1. Learn to Control Your thoughts

Yes, you heard right, learn to control your thoughts. We know that it is tough but not impossible. For us everything is possible, but the only thing we have to do is find out the way and practice more and more.

You may know the phrase that, “practice makes men perfect”, so all you need is practice more. By practicing more, you will be mastery in the art of controlling your thoughts.

If needed help from others, do it don’t hesitate to ask for help or guidance from professional or friends. You will overcome the negative thoughts.


Final Words

Catastrophizing can be disastrous if not stop on time. Of course, the ways to prevent is not a very easy task but if you determine to be a person who faces everything no matter what comes your ways.

Once you overcome, your life will change, and you will be spending quality life forever.


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