How To Make Decisions And Reach Your Goals

How To Make Decisions And Reach Your Goals

How to make decisions and reaching your goals.Many people struggle to make important decisions and when they do, just end up delaying. Let’s see here how to make decisions and then take action to reach your goals.

Steps for how to make decisions

Decide with your goal in mind

To make a practical decisions, you need to have your goal in mind. When you have a choice that you’re not sure about, it’s often because you’ve forgotten to keep your mind on your target. You’ve lost focus. When having to choose between two or more paths to take, ask yourself which choice will increase the likelihood of you reaching your goal.

Lose the fear

You may fear that you’ll make the wrong decision. Have some faith in yourself. You’re an intelligent being surrounded by smart people. Think about the situation yourself and if you’re still not sure, ask for some advice from those who are more experienced than you.

Accept that you made the right decision

Once you’ve made the decision, don’t worry whether you made the right decision or not. If you do, you’ll sabotage your efforts and fail to take sufficient action through to completion. If you’re full of self-doubt, then I doubt you’ll succeed.

Make a plan

Write down a program to carry out your decision. Make sure you know the sequence of steps you need to take. Planning helps you to stay productive and focused. You’ll be less likely to stray from the path leading to your goal if you have a good plan in place.

Find the right motivation

From the start, you need to stay motivated. Write down as many benefits as possible you’ll experience if you act upon your decision and reach your goal. Use visualization to help you see yourself as already having completed your goal and experiencing those benefits. What else can we do to help to make decisions and reach our goals?

How To Write Powerful Goals For Personal Development

 In the following list of written goal statements, which do you think is best and what do the four written comments all have in common?

1.    I will lose weight.

2.    I will lose 20 lbs.

3.    I will lose 20 lbs. Pounds by February 1st, 2019.

4.    I will weigh 180 lbs. By February 1st, 2019 through exercise and diet.

So which one did you choose as being the best? You probably chose number 4, because it gave a definite goal and a specific date and how you’d achieve the goal. After all, the more specific your written goal statement is, the better. Congratulations. You’re right! Were you able to find what the four written goal statements have in common? Let me tell you. They all SUCK! Let me show you why.

Goal statements should be written in the present tense.

Written goal statements should be written in the present tense. I’m serious. This is because the non-conscious mind can only think in the present. Your mind can’t focus on your goal very well if it’s written in the future tense. Your non-conscious mind works in the present tense.

Two important things you should know about the human mind

Firstly, the conscious mind is what actually sets goals and assesses results. On the other hand, the non-conscious mind carries out the instructions to achieve the goals it’s given. People are usually great at using their conscious mind to set goals but unfortunately, suck at making their goals.

Secondly, notice that the non-conscious brain only operates in the present. It’s unaware of the past or future. “The conscious brain perceives past and future. The non-conscious brain has no perception of past or future; to the non-conscious brain everything is happening now.” (“The Answer” by John Assaraf and Murray Smith.)

It’s the non-conscious mind that is the driving force of your success. You achieve success by creating and carrying out good habits. Good habits are formed by repetition. Your habits come from your non-conscious mind, not your conscious mind.

it is responsible for most of your behavior, so don’t waste time and reduce results by writing and stating goals in the future tense. This is only really useful for your conscious brain. Instead, write your goals in the present tense.

How to write a powerful goal statement

Make sure your written goal statements consist of the following:

1.    Written in the present tense.

2.    Use emotion.

3.    Have specific goals.

4.    Contain which actions you do to achieve and maintain that success.

Make your written goal statements visible.

Once you’ve worded your written goal statement, you need to place it somewhere where it’s visible. I would suggest printing two copies and sticking one on the wall above your work desk and one next to your bed. That way you can read often. It would be ideal to read it when you’re alone. Read it in different ways. Read it out loud; whisper it; sing it; read it with inspiring classical music playing. Read it just before meditating and then meditate on it for 10 minutes and see yourself like that. Feel the emotional happiness.

Read it as often as you can, at least three times per day. The best time to read, it is when your non-conscious mind is most easily accessible, which is just upon waking and just before going to sleep. When you’re sleepy, it’s easier to bypass your conscious mind. Read while sitting; standing; read it while walking around; read it while dancing. You can also record your written goal statement onto a phone recorder and listen to it when you’re going for a walk or sitting on a bus or train. Most importantly, believe it! Believe that the success you exists now, not somewhere in the future.


it is necessary to understand how to make decisions and reach your goals. At first, it may feel silly or even ridiculous. After all, you know you’re not that way now. Don’t let that discourage you. Remember, your non-conscious mind won’t know if it’s a reality yet or not. You are what you think you are. Once it’s deep-seated into your non-conscious mind, you’ll find yourself carrying out those habits that will lead to success. You’ll become what you want because you genuinely believe you’re already that way. Hope, this help in how to make decisions and reach your goals.

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